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Name:Happy Kindom Toy Game



Happy Kindom


 For Model FX A6





Happy Kindom game machine is a new type of entertainment equipment which has the attraction of gift set machine and toy crane machine, with great innovation and competitive fascination, flexibility of hanging a variety of gifts, more flexible than the old gifts set machine. it can be widely put in commercial plaza, supermarket, a variety of entertainment places, KTV, hotels, clubs and other crowded places, can be used for commercial coupon payment or sweepstakes. 














一、    Instruction for user


1,Insert coin, the player can get five balls for game,(one coin equals to 5 balls, it can be set by the administrator),  and then press "start" button to start the game;

2, Press the start button when the ball is rolling on the slanting board, the ball will soon fall from the slanting board down to the hole;

3, A single score will be displayed when a ball fall down to a hole below,


4, If the total score is up to the standard scores after all balls fall into the holes, press the choosing gift button to get gift, or insert coin to start new game. 






二、Description and feature


1, Taiwan IC board, safe and stable;

2, The whole machine was made of hardware chassis and imported acrylic panel, with beautiful appearance and durable function;

3, The mechanical transmission device was made of precisive automotive parts, with stable and smooth operation, long service life;

4, Pure natural mechanical probability and innovative game process, wonderful vision, lively and interesting fusion of practical ability and intelligence, suitable for parent-child entertainment activities.

5, The data on the panel can be set according to different levels and different places, it is easy to master the degree of difficulty;

6, The hosts system was applied to audit function, clear and accurate accounts, easy background management

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